We offer one of the most unique forms of adventure found anywhere. It is a blend of the old and the new. We explore and discover some of the wildest yet most accessible wilderness destinations in Alaska and Hawaii.
    Our goal is giving people the experience of a lifetime yet without great expense of time, money or effort. Each outing is documented and edited by professional video production staff so that participants may take home with them highlights of the adventure. We also make sure to do some form of significant stewardship project on each outing such as trail-work, picking up garbage, mapping, route-finding, building huts, or tending to animals, plants and trees.
    We provide a broad range of training and skills development from the most basic, beginner-level outings for children ages 3 and up to extremely advanced expeditions for hard-core adventurers.

    There are four major types of adventure that we provide. Each involves some form of basic survival training, ecological stewardship project and multi-media production: journal writing, photography, and digital video. Each are intended to hone practical skills while providing an ever-deepening, profound connection to nature.

    1- Guided Trips: The basic course involves guided day hikes of 3-4 hours or less, half-day hikes, all day outings, overnights, and multi-day trips to various places that are relatively easy to get to yet still beautiful, exciting and fulfilling.
    2- Solo Journeys: We coordinate solo trips and Vision Quests in the Native American tradition for people to develop their own direct, personal connection to the natural world and their own human inner nature.

    3- Recon: The third type of adventure is the most advanced and this involves reconnaissance to unknown destinations, places that we have not been. These are often dangerous and difficult with exposure to extremes of weather and other conditions. "Recon" is recommended only for the most capable individuals. These adventures are intended to establish new routes to new places in order to make them accessible to others who may not otherwise experience them.

    4- Inner Planes Travel: The fourth type of adventure is very esoteric yet deeply fulfilling and beneficial. It is called "Inner Planes Travel" and involves being guided in person or over the phone, even via email to any place you want to go in the world. We have even brought people to the moon  and back. This is possible through basic and advanced methods of guided relaxation, meditation and creative visualization. This is more than just imagination or astral travel. This is a full-sensory perception experience. In many cases people actually see, hear, smell, taste and touch the intended destination and all that is available there. Trips are between 10 minutes and half and hour, there and back.

Below are some of our favorite destinations.

In Alaska...

Ragged-top Mountain
DragonShoulder Mountain
Bird Point
Glacier Creek
Crow Pass
Eagle River
Tutka Bay

In Hawaii...

Big Island: Waipio Valley / Polalu Valley / Waimanu / Lava Fields Fox Landing

Kauai: Na Pali Coast / Hanakapiai / Kalalau Valley / Airplane  Trail / Kokee / Polahali / Pihea Trail

Oahu: Kuliouou Ridge


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