Training ~ Curriculum ~ Syllabus

The outline below is a list of the basic and advanced areas of instruction, hands-on training, and field experience available for all ages and skill levels. We are workin' the land, having fun, making money, making movies, and making a difference. When not at home gardening, landscaping and eco-village building, we are exploring, discovering and sharing the best of the natural and spiritual* worlds.

Learning how to work the land, garden, landscape, plant, harvest and tend to animals, trees and people are foundations of the training. Old and new methods of farming and gardening are continuously improved upon for greater yield and minimal impact upon the ecology.

Learning how to write, photograph, film, edit, produce, upload and broadcast images, music, video and graphics are designed to promote and support working and tending to the land while engaging in high-levels of creativity.

Below is a list of the "21 Pinciples of Sustainable Living." This is an outline of electives and areas of study and training designed to hone survival skills and cultivate ever greater degrees of independence and cooperation toward sustainable living. 

1.0 Survival

1.1 Calm
1.2 Shelter
1.3 Warmth
1.4 Water
1.5 Food
1.6 Activity
1.7 Companionship

2.0 Holistic Health

2.1 Body

2.2 Heart
2.3 Mind
2.4 Soul
2.5 Money
2.6 Relationship
2.7 Oneness

3.0 Career Development

3.1 Wilderness Adventure

3.2 Ecological Stewardship
3.3 Documentary Production
3.4 Higher Education
3.5 Deep Ecology
3.6 Economic Prosperity
3.7 The Great Mystery  [see also Huna Kupua "Kahuna Magick"]

Note: Giving attention to any one or more of these 21 Principles immediately begins to improve quality of life and sustained growth and change on multiple levels-  particularly peace of mind, sense of purpose and fulfillment, and ability to serve others- for free or as a source of income.

Long-term attention to the above areas leads to an ever-deepening connection to Self, Source, others and The Land.

"Do not seek what teachers teach. Seek what teachers seek."
-Mequon Apache Principle via Medicine Chief Michael Snowleopard


Adventure Stewardship and Production... this is how we are accomplishing the mission...

1- Wilderness Adventure- Exploring the wilds of the mountains, ocean, forest and field... discovering beauty, mystery, wildness, magick and wisdom of people and nature.

2- Ecological Stewardship- taking care of people and da aina, providing daily and weekly hands-on training for children of all ages to learn and experience the fun and importance of connecting with nature- on adventures into the wilderness and at home on the Land gardening, planting, harvesting and bringing to market trees, fruit, herbs,vegetables and the know-how to share with others.

3- Documentary Production- Documenting and sharing the beauty, mystery, wisdom, and wildness of Kauai with residents and visitors from abroad. This is experienced through writing, photography, video, music, DVD production, and numerous other forms of art, science, and crafts shared locally through direct experience and vicariously through the worldwide web.

Maka Aina Landcrafting- Head in the clouds, feet on the ground, hands in the dirt... learning to see with "Eyes of the Land", studying and applying ancient Hawaiian Land Practice, Huna Kupua (Kahuna Magick) and blending these with modern technology and agriculture. This includes Ahupua'a (mauka-makai land division and farming) and implementing renewable forms of energy: solar, wind, water, and bio-mass. Maka Aina Landcrafting is the foundation of all that we do. It is connecting with nature through working with the earth- animals, plants people and trees; sun, wind, rain and gravity.

"To know spirit, you must know the land... to know the land you must know spirit." -Hopi wisdom

5- Eco-pod Building- This is the exciting, important and practical quest to build an ideal model of self-sufficent, eco-housing for individual and small family dwellings. We build debris huts, bamboo hexagon tree-houses, and completely self-contained, beautiful, warm, cozy homes that have solar power, water-catchment, gardening and sprouting components along with effective waste-management design and engineering built-in.

 Please Note: Scholarships, Work-trade, and Financial Assistance are available. No one is turned away due to inability to pay. Simply send us an email describing your situation to and you will get a prompt reply of approval or suggestions of how you may best take advantage of the  training, services and resources we provide.

*Spiritual- Kaua'i University has no religious nor political affiliations.
However we honor people of all faiths and backgrounds, particularly Huna Kupua of ancient Hawai'i.

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