"Our mission is Paradise- providing the best education
and experience in the world for sustainable living."

Nature is the best teacher. -Native wisdom

Sustainable Living goes beyond mere survival and being able to sustain rates of consumption. Kauai University provides the best education in the world by sharing and applying the 21 Principles of Sustainable Living. This is a broad-spectrum and multi-disciplinary outline designed to cover virtually every facet of modern living. The "Best of both worlds" is the philosophy which includes the very best of all known wisdoms of the world regardless of where they came from.

Huna Kupua is the foundation of this school and way of life. Huna Kupua is beyond religious, beliefs or politics. Simple, practical and prfound wisdom to embark upon the journey of life fully outfitted with what is needed to face life's  challenges in urbran, rural and remote environments.

Accomplishing the mission involves research, development and application of the best-known ways to survive, live and thrive based upon indigenous wisdom and modern technology. This includes blending Huna Kapua (Kahuna Magick) with video, computer and telecommunications so that everyone has their basic needs met and the opportunity to engage in creative or productive work of their choosing. 

   Goals and Objectives  Outline / Details?

    1.0      Huna Kupua- learning it, applying it, sharing it.

    2.0      Indigenous Heritage and Cultural Preservation

    .0        Multi-media Production: writing / photography / video / web design

    3.0       Food Production, Harvest & Distribution

    4.0       Promoting & Supporting Local Business

    5.0       Career Development:  Education / Training / Placement  / Multi-media

    6.0       Renewable Technology:  Solar / Wind / Water / Transportation / Communication

    7.0       Outdoor Education:  Skills / Travel / Activities / Documentary / Guiding

    8.0       Waste Management:  Composting / Recycling / Manufacturing

    9.0       Land Design / Construction / Maintenance

    10.0     Creating a model that may be shared with other sovereign nations and individuals

Kaua'i University is dedicated to local business and independent people who live and visit here.  The information, training and resources available to you through this global web portal are intended to inspire higher education, deep ecology, independence, and prosperity that may be enjoyed anywhere on Earth. This is achieved through a blending of indigenous wisdom and modern technology. The Vision is living, working and playing in a symbiotic way with people and nature.

Our vision includes exploring, discovering and sharing the best of both worlds, nature and society, wilderness and technology, being able to do what you love and be of service. Here were learn to earn our living through our play. We explore, discover and document the beauty, wildness and wisdom of people and nature. Then we creatively blend music, story and footage for sharing on DVD, at theaters, in classrooms, and the worldwide web. We earn a decent living sharing the highlights with the local and global community in a mutually beneficial way. The goals is a world where everyone has enough food and water; warm, dry shelter, lotsa love and fulfilling forms of creative expression.

Staff at Kaua'i University are adept at guiding students and volunteers of all ages and skill levels into known and unknown realms of spirit, self and nature. One highlight is each or any of us to be able to explore and discover the natural world, to get off the beaten path and experience a direct, personal connection to nature. The whole process is funded by sharing our experiences directly and vicariously with the local and global community through photos, stories, video and music.

The purpose of Kaua'i University is serving as a catalyst in the uplifting of humankind through the establishment of an enlightened global society and sustainable ecological system which creates rather than destroys.

"In a healthy society, economy always follows ecology,
and education precedes them both."
-Ken Carey, VISION

 The Kaua'i University is funded by a few big-hearted sponsors. Your donations make a difference. All proceeds go to fund the creation and maintenance of a viable Farm • Garden • School • and Retreat on the Island of Kauai. This includes producing educational programs: hands-on training for staff and students and video productions that are broadcast to the local and global community.

"Your mission if you decide to accept it is... exploring and discovering the beauty, mystery, wildness, wisdom and magick of this world. We're here to show ya how and to document and publish the best of what you have to offer." -David Lakota, founder K.U. 

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