This page is to promote and support legendary rock goddess "Nikki" 

The poem below is the beginning of a long string of inspired lyrics she and Freedom of Prana

and I are assembling and composing for sharing with you and the rest of the world. 

Children of Earth

Priestess High
Ocean below
Children of Earth
In divine cosmic flow

Time binds us
Modestly with grace
When I look into the water
I see her face

She who is blooming
With compassionate core
She who's awoken
I humbly adore

Goddess of Peace
Of infinite name
O Holy Enlightened One
May I walk your way

All that is sacred
Her hand be the mold
Is love in motion
Coloring the world

by Nikki

inspired by Freedom of Prana & Alexa Sunshine


Nikki and Elderyn of Freedom of Prana jammin' at home in Glacier City. Everytime we get together we play music and more than anywhere else I've played, we get right into the zone and produce sounds and harmony that rocks my world.

The challenge now is to capture it in order to share it far and wide. The above is one of our first attempt.

I will also be promoting her on my site:


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