Kaua'i University Staff

Kaua'i University Assistant Director
Samantha Simons

Kaua'i University director, David Lakota

David is the visionary founder and former director of the S.I.S.D. (Society for International Sustainable Development). The original purpose of the S.I.S.D. was providing training and resources for aspiring producers of documentary. Fellow staff and students produced more than 300 films on subjects ranging from Renewable Natural Resources and Energy to Health, Education, Ecology and Career Development.

 Joel Jungers

General Contractor

 Joel is a big-hearted sponsor of the Kauai Center. He owns Tylit Contruction, a home-building company that integrates holistic building practices with cutting edge renewable energy technology such as solar and wind power. He is also owner of Movie Makers, a business that specializes in remote wilderness documentary production and broadcast.

Temple Keeper

Owner of "Space Grace" 

Laura Love

Laura's wildest dream is similar to that of a precious few yet growing number of people that want to live independently yet within a tribal community, close to the land, doing fulfilling service work and earning a decent living sharing her art. She owns a company called Space Grace that specializes in arranging home, work, and temple space in such a way that is beautiful, functional and sacred. 

Email: KauaiUniversity@gmail.com

Phone: (808) 339-0692

        (808) 333-6066

Director of IT

 Dimitri Boldyrev

Dimitri is the illustrious inventer of the world-famlous MP3 technology which revolutionized music around the world. He's in charge of Information Technology for the Kauai Center. Specifically his passion is buiding and running a high-quality music studio onsite that records and markets independent musicians.

Resident Shaman

Alberto Quintana

Quintana is our resident shaman, sacred gathering coordinator, steward of the land, handyman, mechanic and musician.


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