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The video above is a visual of the "Indestructible Golden Light Body", the final evolution of humanity. The Golden Light Bogy is also known as the Merkaba or "Mer-ka-ba", Light-Spirit-Body, a vehicle of light that allows you to travel anywhere in the Universe, embody any form and have any desired experience. 

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Kauai University is a place for you to learn how to shoot, edit and broadcast your own videos on the subject of your choosing. Or you can commission or persuade one of our staff or students to produce it for you. We explore, discover and broadcast highlights of the beauty and wisdom from people and nature throughout the Kauai Island and the world.

"Video is one art-form that can promote and support any other form of art,
craft, business, idea or cause." -David Lakota, instructor

This video was produced by eight year old Ujal. This was his debut film featuring highlights of life at his farm • garden • and school in Moloa'a. Honey bees, gardens and a new kind of tree are some of the projects he's working on while he builds and plants and plays.

Here Ujal is planting the controversial Legacy Diamond Tree, a fast-growing, non-invasive species that pulls carbon out of the air more than any other tree, fixes the soil, provides great shade, is beautiful and makes great, strong, lightweight lumber.




This video is a brief overview of the Kauai Center, why it was formed and what is current operations are.

"Video is by far the most important
and lucrative industry of the 21st century."

-TIME Magazine


At left is a video featuring the owner of with more on the miraculous "Paulownia Tree" as a benefit for the non-profit organization Plan it. Plant it. Planet.

This tree apparently filters polluted air, fixes the nitrogen in the soil, provides shade and creates a viable lumber product in  a very short period of time. There are no seeds so it is non-invasive and it has shown unusual resistance to bugs.

Some say the Paulownia Tree grows more than ten feet per year. The wood is hard, strong, and light.

Simply put it in the ground.
The video at right was produced using an inexpensive still camera and about 4 hours of editing on a Mac computer.

This video features highlights from a recent adventure along the Na Pali Coast to Kalalau Valley.

There is another video forthcoming to promote the clean-up of garbage at mile six and an alternative to the smelly toilets at Hanakapiai and at Kalaluau Beach.

The Department of Land and Natural Resources intended well by placing these so-called "self-composting" toilets at various locations along the trail. But they don't work very well. The upcoming video project is intended to research, develop and implement a better way.
The video at left features:
Hawaiian Mahagony Company's Bill Cowen
and Congressman Neil Abercrombie
reporting from Lawai, Kauai regarding better methods of Agriculture and wood harvesting.

Examples of numerous ways to be more self-sufficient are presented including planting and harvesting trees in Hawaii, from root to the leaves. Some of the trees mentioned are Mahagony, Albeezia, Kapifra, Blue Marble, Cocoa, and Kukui.

There are also several other links to related videos in the area of Sustainable Living and Develpment.

Click here to see the original YouTube version of this video.

"Run your car on water and nothing else."

The video at right is an excerpt from FOX News and features a proven method of using water as fuel in cars and many other applications such as an extremely hot cutting-torch that melts steel yet remains cool to the touch.

"Combines the atomic power of hydrogen with the stability of water."

Important Note: This type of technology has existed for a long time. It is up to you and others, not government or industry to get the word out and to generate the market forces necessary to have this be commonplace instead of obscure and under-utilized.

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